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Preparation For The Summer Camps

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Phonecell Camps Summer Third Preparation

it's nice to have time off spent with family, one of which is the Summer Camps. I have some tips and tricks for those of you who are planning to go to summer camps with their families.

The first tip, before leaving for a vacation you prepare physically and mentally.

physical preparation is necessary. but too many people shrugged it off. whereas if we think, if ill while on holiday must be very annoying. you can imagine when your friends or your family was busy with activity this holiday, you are not there with them for fun. It is very annoying is not it?

The second tip, plan your finances for how long you will be vacationing with friends or your family. Well this is something very important I think because the money does not make us happy. but without having enough money, so your holiday can take you into a problem.

The third tip, do not forget to bring emergency supplies. emergency equipment must not be expected to be used. it denotes the situation you're in danger. I do not think either while on vacation without bringing this equipment. of course man can not know what will happen tomorrow, but better prepared.

The fourth tip, if the above equipment is ready then the next step is to pray. so you get an enjoyable and memorable holiday. happy holiday and a weekend.

if the above tips do you have time to go on vacation.

I personally recommend you to go on holiday to Pangalengan, Indonesia. the place was named situ Cileunca there is an excellent place to vacation with your friends and your family. there you will at suguhi beautiful views with boats

situ location ciluenca

Situ Cileunca located 45 KM south of the city of Bandung and 185 KM from the city of Jakarta, Situ Cileunca at an altitude of 1550 M above sea level and surrounded by two Malabar tea plantation managed by PTPN VIII, Situ Cileunca not far from the district Pangalengan, puddles of water an area of ​​180 hectares is flanked by two Village the Village and Village Wanasari pulosari.

game provided.

In addition we can surround Situ Cileunca by boat, we can also test our adrenaline sports Rafting, as far as the river Cileunca 4-5 KM necessarily accompanied by an instructor, in addition to facilities Rafting is one more game that does not lose the adrenaline is Air Soft Gun game where for some people of course this game is very fun at all because the weapons used by the operators of this game is a 1:1 scale, of course, for us lay people seemed to be a real soldier.