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Presto All In One Fry Daddy Cooker

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Have you ever had a hankering for french fries but didn't want to leave the house to get them? Do you like fried chicken but have no clue on how to make it? Are steamed vegetables your favorite but you don't own a steamer? Do you like pot roast but find it comes out too dry for your tastes from the oven? You need to get a Presto all-in-one Fry Daddy cooker!

I love this cooker for frying foods. That is really what it is intended for. The oil heats up fast and the return to heat remains constant--which is ideal for frying foods. The thermostat controls are big and easy to set and read. The fryer has a basket with a handle that stays cool even though it is metal--ingenious! Plus, the all-in-one unit is much larger than your standard Fry Daddy Junior or Fry Baby and accommodates several pieces of chicken and more cut potatoes for fries.

The cooker does fall short on cooking slow-cooked dishes though. I have found, especially with beans, that the warm temperatures are not constant. The cooker must be babysat lest you will burn your food. This is a pain and a crock pot is more suited for certian dishes. Pot roasts do come out tender, though, because you have the option to sear your meat in the unit prior to slow cooking. (Dust your roast with a mixture of flour and season, sear it on high heat till brown, throw in a can of Rotel, cover and don't allow it to boil. Baby sit it and cook at about 215-225 for a couple of hours and you have a perfect tender and juicy pot roast)

The Presto all-in-one Fry Daddy Cooker works well as a steamer. I have steamed shrimp, crab, lobster, and vegetables to perfection with it. The same fry basket works for the application. However, I did purchase a separate steam tray, to allow for more height from the water, so my foods would not be accosted by water and become mushy--I recommend it, those baskets are sold in the kitchen gadget departments of many stores.

When I purchased my Presto, I did it with the intent to use it for its all-in-one capabilities. I use my crock pot for stews, chillies and beans because the Presto needs babysitting. For frying and steaming it's fantastic!