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Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven

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By zathras on
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Strangely enough the Pizzaz Pizza Oven is just about my favorite kitchen gadget. It has all the earmarks of one of those products "as seen on tv" that don't work when you get them home, but this one delivers. It actually makes frozen pizza taste great.

The Pizzaz features a rotating tray that holds your pizza and rotates it through the heating elements on the main unit. There is a switch for the elements - lower, dual, or upper - which allows you to brown the toppings more or crisp up the crust further without burning the other side of the pie. You don't have to preheat it so it is much better than using a conventional oven.

To use it just put your pizza on the pan and set the timer based on the chart on the back of the unit. If you want it crisper add a minute or two of the "lower" setting. It also works great to reheat leftover pizzaria pizza, so you don't end up with a soggy slice out of the microwave.

We have given several as gifts and everyone agrees the Pizzaz is great!