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Pretentious Bold

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If anybody read my other review, I used to have one of the OLDest Blackberry models. I had grown quite attached to the ghetto sturdy thing, and I didn't want to fish out the $$ to upgrade to something faster and sleeker. Well, this past VDay, I went to Texas to visit my bf, who was such a dear to book a hotel for us as a surprise. I typically use my phone as my alarm, and we wanted to wake up early enough to check out on time without being charged. Unfortunately, because I live in Canada and using my phone there would give me dreaded roaming charges, I don't use it in TX and therefore checking for my phone was a low priority when I was there. So I forgot to double check for it and left it on the bed under the pillows where I usually leave it so it could wake me up successfully. =( So gonnne.. my brick was gonnne. I had to finally upgrade.


I had been with Rogers Wireless for 2 years (this time around anyway, I had once switched to Fido for about 2-3 years and switched back when I purchased my old Blackberry). So I was allowed to upgrade to a new phone with a discount. That doesn't mean $250 didn't still hurt - I definitely wouldn't have done it if I hadn't lost my other phone =( *Also, I had to extend my contract another 3 years for this discount. I dunno what I'm gonna do with that when I migrate over to TX in the next year or two.


The colours are vibrant, it's much easier to navigate, and it has TONS of functions (as opposed to uh NONE on my old one) such as a GPS system for my horrid directions, a 2mp camera, Microsoft Office, uh more than 10 ringtones lol as opposed to y'kno.... This is apparently the fastest Blackberry out there. My boss has the Storm (because it was the newest Blackberry out there and the other property mgrs in the office got the iPhone and he was turning his nose up at them) and when he was about to purchase it, I kept saying to him, "Why don't you get the Bold? Get the Bold. No it's not the newest but it's not touchscreen at least, just get the Bold." Well, the day I showed up with the Bold, he said in this sad quiet voice (and he usually bellows all day long), "That's the fastest one...." I also like the size because, although everyone else comments on how huge it is, it's much less bulky than my old phone.


The keys are much closer together. I have very slender witch-like fingers and even I feel like my fingers are too fat for this. I can no longer text without looking at my phone. It's quieter. I also have to consciously be very careful with it. Gosh I'm clumsy and I had spent 2 years carelessly throwing and dropping my other phone worry-free, so now I kinda live in fear heh. Also, battery life sucks. With moderate use without browsing online or anything, it would probably last about 2.5 days before it's no longer usable. So I charge it every other day. If I browse or chat more than usual though, it gets drained pretty fast. The reception is okay unless I'm talking with my bf (I use a calling card). So I usually use a landline to phone him. I'm also not fond of the silver on the edges. I cover that with the phone cover though.


Good for business, good for texting, not recommended if you're looking for an entertainment phone (then I'd say go for the iPhone), and not recommended to those who are accident prone. I miss having a humbling phone but this will grow on me, maybe once newer models come out and it looks less pretentious heehee.