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Pretty Good Movie Teens Will Love It

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By nicole08221 on
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We rented the Simpsons Movie over the New Year holiday weekend. I actually wasn't too thrilled about seeing it. I think the Simpsons are okay and the plot on their television shows are usually kind of lame, but my fourteen year old stepson really wanted to watch it, so we rented it for him. It actually wasn't that bad! There was some of that corny, somewhat inappropriate humor, but there was a definite plot. I found myself laughing, even at some of the "dumb" things because of the delivery of them in the movie. My stepson absolutely loved it! I think we're going to end up owning this movie. I like the fact that throughout the movie, there is mention to the way that Homer treats his family and how even Bart would rather have a father that cares more. In the end, Homer realizes that he's not a very good father or husband. Without giving the ending away, Homer ends up doing a lot of selfless things at the end which shows he cares. I feel that the television show depicts how uncaring Homer and Bart are. In the movie, these things are addressed. I think it gives a fair message to kids who like the Simpsons. Even though there is some inappropriate humor that kids are drawn to, it gives a better message than the Simpsons' television show gives.