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Pretty Little Liars

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Since I was little I have loved to read, however, this year with my massive amount of school work and extracurricular activities I did not have a lot of time to read for pleasure. Towards the end of the school year my best friend was talking to me about an upcoming TV show called “Pretty Little Liars”. She mentioned that it was based on a series of books by Sara Shepard that she has already read and loved. Because my activities were over and school was about to end for summer I decided to go to the book store and get the first book in the series.

The first book is titled Pretty Little Liars and is about four friends who all share a very big secret. They drift apart after a fifth friend disappears but are drawn back together years later when they start to receive messages from a character who only uses the initial “A”. Because their friend who disappeared was named Alison and no one knew where she went including her parents these girls assume it was her sending them the messages. Then the unexpected happens and Alison’s dead body is found. The girls begin to relax and think all is well and their secret is safe until they receive another message at her funeral.

The series continues with Hanna, Emily, Aria, and Spencer trying to keep their secrets safe and find out who “A” is while moving on with their lives. All the while they are also dealing with family problems, eating disorders, boy issues and many other dilemmas thrown in. I could tell you more but that might just give too much away.

I am used to reading books like Harry Potter that are hundreds of pages long and while this book is much shorter, it still provides a good read. It is very suspenseful but not in a way that would make you be afraid to read it at night. Another good aspect of this book is that you can read it and then watch the ABC Family TV series to see what they added in or left out. This is very entertaining for me because I enjoy seeing what they change from the book to TV.

Right now there are eight books in the series and I am currently up to the third one so I don’t know exactly how it will all end but I can’t wait to find out.