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Pretty Nails Polish Remover Pads Are So So

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demon_buttercup By demon_buttercup on
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Ok, my husband isn't a complete ogre, but one of the things he HATES is the smell of nail polish & polish remover. He'd rather I have unpolished nails just so he doesn't have to smell the scents associated with them and has went as far as throwing away any nail polish or remover he sees laying around.

Well, it's summertime and that means sandal time, which in turn means I NEED to have my toe nails painted! I try to do it while he is gone, which works sometimes. Recently I had some old pink polish on my toes that really needed to removed and once again I couldn't find my standard bottle of nail polish remover.

While I was at the Dollar Tree, I found the Pretty Nails Polish Remover packs. The pack has 5 individually wrapped packets with a thick and heavy cloth pad to remove the polish. These were perfect - I could hide them in my purse! For $1, I figured it would be worth it. Sure, it is more per use than if I were to use a bottle, but since mine were getting thrown away anyhow, I really wasn't saving any money by purchasing the remover in a bottle!

As soon as I opened one of the packets however, the smell was so strong I couldn't believe it. The pad was a good size, abourt 2" x 3" and 1/4" thick. It was saturated with polish remover. I went to work on my toenails and while it did remove the polish pretty easily, by the last toe, the air had already dried most of it up - and I have puny little toenails, so it's not like there was a whole lot of time to be exposed to the air or it did a lot of area, lol.

Also, while the polish came off pretty well, the little corners and crevices of the nails still held color, so I had to go back over them with a q-tip that I would put on the pad to try and get some remover on it and then get the rest of the polish off with that.

So, these did what they are supposed to do and store well, but I don't think they would be economical for someone who frequently polished both their fingernails and toenails - I think it would take the whole 5 pack for that. But for occasional use and hiding from the husband, these work for me!!