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Pretty Nice, But She Wasn't Interested

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I was doing some serious holiday shopping this week and the week before that. I've been trying to make a dent in my list for Halloween, my mom's birthday and even Christmastime. One of my stops was Walmart. I buy gifts for my pets for the holidays so I stopped in the pet section. When I saw this pink (Yay!), patterned, cube-shaped bed and hiding place, I grabbed one. There were only two of them, so I knew I had to act fast.

I had one issue that made me a little wary about purchasing it. My cat is persnickety about where she hides and lounges. She loves to flop down and sleep on my bed, where she can sprawl out. She likes to actually use her paws to bang at the drawers under my bed until I open one for her. After that, she squeezes herself into a space in the drawer that opens to the inside of my bed. She will just chill in there until she's ready to come out. At that point, I will usually hear her in the drawer again. Then I will pull the drawer open, and she jumps out. Other places she likes to sleep are on a laptop bag I left out. She really likes sleeping there lately.

So basically, I thought, "What if she doesn't want to use this since she has all of her favorite places to sleep and hide already?" I looked back into my cart where the "kube" was and I sighed. I figured it was returnable and if she didn't use it I would just bring it back. Otherwise, I'd feel regretful that I left it there.

When I brought it home, my cat wouldn't go into it. I tried to entice her into it, but she wasn't having it. I held onto it for another day or so, and decided at that point, since she still hadn't slept in it or jumped in it, it would be a waste if I kept it. I ended up returning it.

Though she didn't end up using it, I still think this is a very nice product. There were humorous sayings on the bed like, "Cats Rule. Dogs Drool!" and "When the cat's away the mice will play." It was very soft and it had a toy that came with it. The toy was a plush purple ball with a string attached to it which was secured to the top of the bed for her to bat at. The bed I bought had another toy in there (It's a light pink furry ball), but I don't think it came with it. I think it fell off another "kube" and someone at Walmart put it in there. I didn't even notice until I came home. On picture #5, you can see the material it is made from and how to launder it.