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Prilosec Makes Life Nicer

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sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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For many years, when Prilosec was only available by prescription, it was a lifesaver for me. Not too long ago, people with chronic acid reflux could only be helped by extreme gastric surgery, and even that wasn't always successful. But then along came acid reflux drugs like Prilosec, and people were able to find the relief from heartburn, that they had been searching for.

Now Prilosec is available over the counter, and though it is expensive, no nonprescription heartburn drug has ever worked as well for me. So it is worth every penny.

I now take Nexium (an almost identical drug) and another "purple pill." But it requires a prescription. Since I am a type 2 diabetic, and have recently started taking 2 pills a day of Metformin (Glucophage), I started to develop some breakthrough heartburn. (Glucophage is very irritating to the gastric system.) So my doctor told me that when necessary, I could take a Prilosec on the same day as a Nexium pill. I could just take an additional Nexium, but my insurance will only cover one a day, so that makes Prilosec OTC a better financial choice for me.

Prilosec OTC is available in various size packages, and is a very effective treatment for acid reflux and heartburn. Though it says that it is not intended for the immediate relief of heartburn, it generally works pretty quickly for me, provided I have not let the reflux continue for too long, without medication.

So if your life is miserable from frequent, uncontrollable heartburn, give Prilosec OTC a try. Your tummy will thank you!