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Prima Delegance Double Pillow Top Mattress Se T

Reviewing: Prima D'elegane King Size Double Sided Pillow Top Mattress Set  |  Rating:
Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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We bought this set in March of this year (2008). We had just moved and didn’t have a bed. We wanted a King size but were running short on money for buying one. We thought we might have to buy a refurbished (ick) or USED (double ick!) mattress set.

Well, just our luck! We were at our local swap meet that Sunday and ran into a guy/vender selling BRAND NEW manufacturer direct mattress sets, and he had a king size!

I have never heard of the brand (Prima D’elegance) and the price was so low ($395.00 for the SET) we were skeptical but after checking out the mattress itself we decided to buy it right then.

It is a double sided pillow top firm mattress. We love this because it helps to keep it from wearing down to fast…we flip it every month. The fabric/cover is cottony…not that silky satiny stuff most mattresses come in. I REALLY like that. It just feels better to me and the sheets seem to stay on better. It is white with light blue leaf pattern accents. I should add that the material feels thick and durable and the stitching seems to be heavy duty as well.

The mattress is VERY comfortable, it has these large swirl patterns stitched into the pillow top (kind of deeply), which I thought might be uncomfortable and lumpy feeling. But, I don’t notice it at all. It is firm…not the firmest…but still very good. We sleep very comfortably on it.

The box springs? Well… They are box springs… I don’t think there is much to say about them…other than they match.

This set also comes with a 15 year warranty that of course covers any defects NOT including the cover itself.

We are very happy with this bed, it seems durable enough so far and the price was awesome! I would recommend this mattress/brand; it is a great value for your money!

Oh! And the vender guy delivered for FREE!!!

They have a website however I am not sure if you can order from them - I believe they are based in Sacramento. I have included the website link in case anyone wanted more information. They do have other mattress types/sizes available. The vender/Company was gotmattress.com . In any case I would recommend the BRAND of this mattress as good quality.