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Prima Force Cissus Review

Reviewing: Prima Force Cissus Bulk Powder  |  Rating:
By mikeys-thoughts on
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Whats good about this Product?

Its been great for joint support and relieving inflammation for me as well as feeling better overall. Its helped with my knee problems that can pop and grind. I take it and my knees feel lubricated and the pops and grinds disappear. Its also helped me to relieve headaches I've had at the time. My whole body feels better after taking it.. From a science standpoint it helps lower prostaglandins which is basicly the inflammation hormone the body produces.

What about its taste?

If you do get the powder its best to put them in gel-caps or swallow some quickly with a sugary drink because it tastes nasty. I put the powder in about 5 gel-caps and take it 1 or 2 times a day and it works really well. You will probably do well with a smaller dose though as I weigh 237lbs.

Why not just buy Aleve or Other OTC Pain Reliever?

Personally I've tried them both and Cissus blows Aleve away as far as being better. What makes this diferent when compared to Aleve is not just the relief of inflammation but also how Cissus can lubricate your joints and bones. I would assume this could be used as an Anti-aging Supplment since lubricating you joints and bones causes less where and tear on the body.

Any Complaints About the Product?

I have 2 complaints. I've noticed if I take Cissus with a soft drink or consume a soft drink right after taking it my face will feel somewhat sticky and dirty. Thats kind of a strange. I will usually get a baby wipe and clean my face off and its no longer a problem. The second complaint would be the nasty taste but thats why I cap it.

What About the Price?

I don't really think its too much for what I got. I bought the powdered version which is cheaper than PrimaForce Cissus capsules you can also get. Its effectiveness is well worth it for me.

Whens the Best Time To Take It?

For me the best time was right before going to sleep. My whole body just feels less tense and really relaxed when laying in the bed. I'm someone who naturally likes to move around alot. Normally I toss and turn quite a bit before getting in the right position just to fall a sleep but after taking this stuff I don't. I'm then in complete comfort to go to sleep because my joints have a complete relaxed effect I wouln't get without PrimaForce Cissus. Cissus isn't a sedative.