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Prince And The Revolution: ' Purple Rain'

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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This 1984 fast tracked, hot CD makes for a great Birthday/Holiday gift! Can't find something for that teenager? I did a survey, and discovered that today's youth have caught on to the exciting ‘Purple Rain' movie, that promoted this release. Prince was a genius, making a movie to go along with one of the greatest CD's of all time. This one is coming back. Out of 12 youth asked, all twelve said they would love this one as a gift, any day! That said it all.

I went right out and purchased this one for my 15 year-old daughter, and got myself a big hug.

‘Lets Get Crazy', is one of her favorite oldie's songs. This song opens the CD with great energy.

‘Take Me With You', is a fantastic song, performed by ‘Prince and The Revolution', his previous side kick band. This one, was a hit in the 80's, and as I recall, they all were!

‘The Beautiful Ones ‘ is #3 on the CD, and is one of the albums best, if you really want to know my opinion. You all remember his tantrum on stage right? How can he get that pitch, when he cries" Baby, Baby. Baby"? This love song is so deep, and the song is a heart breaker. I will forever love this one. I see that my sons like it as well. Wow, I never knew. I thought I was just old. "Do you want him, or do you want me"? That is the finality to this one, and the passion is so unreal!

‘Computer Blue', is the fourth fantastic song on this release. Prince did such a good job on this album, that he never was able to match it! He is rich from our music passions. This tech-driven spark was a hit at the disco clubs, that just seem to be; a thing of the past. I remember the party scene from back then. It was a good one then, and forever lost.

‘Darling Nikki', is next up, with a very clever song about hot chick that could grind. I think this passionate song, is an awesome song about a spoiled girl, with too much money, and too much appeal. ‘Darlin' Nikki', is basically about a girl that is a one night, stand, and good for sex only.

His most popular songs are the next four. ‘When Doves Cry', is at #6, and this song is a very popular song with today's crowd, from what I have been told. The best never fade, do they? This mellow rocker is an all time favorite of mine as well.

‘I Would Die 4 U' is a high-definition song also. I remember these songs having an effect on sex appeal, and attitude. This one, was a very sped up, quick grabber. It will pull you in immediately. It will make you jump around a little.

‘Baby I'm A Star', is a deep, and passionate song as well, that blends beautifully off the last one. It is a party scene song, and is excellent in beat, and rhythm. Prince knew how to shock the crowd.

My Top favorite is the last song. ‘Purple Rain', is one killer lick. I still have this one recorded on tape, from 1985. I feel like a pirate, but back then, the commercials even encouraged you to "Record your favorite band", and no one believed, that the quality could be recorded. The album Jacket, Info, etc, was considered to be what you actually were paying for.

Things have changed, and this 1984 CD, has gone up in price for the Holidays. I recently saw this one on sale for a couple dollars less. Anyhow, this CD helps remind me; of why, and how much I love my wife. She is such an awesome old hippie from the 70's and 80's. Who else would; stand by you in the hard times, but your soul mate. This album tends to work like glue when considering how many soul mates it has brought together. I give him more credit for that also. I love Prince and The Revolutions ‘Purple Rain'!