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Prince Caspian, By C. S. Lewis

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Prince Caspian is the fourth book in the Chronicles of Narnia series, written by the all-to-famous C. S. Lewis. I personally enjoy reading C. S. Lewis's books, because they really bring out my imagination. His books are full of wit and magic, which I love in a book.

In this book, we meet a young boy named Caspian, who is the real heir of the throne of Narnia. But, after his mother died and his uncle killed his father, his uncle took the position as king, and ruled, only keeping Caspian because he needed someone to take his place after he died. But soon, Caspian's stepmother gives birth to a baby boy, so his uncle, Miraz, has no more use for Caspian, and Caspian escapes before he is caught. As conflicts arise, a war is inevitable between the old Narnia and the new. Caspian's army is in desperate need of help, so he blows Queen's Susan's horn, and Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy return to Narnia again for another adventure.