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Prince Planet Earth

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Prince is an admitted musical hero of mine. I have virtually every CD he's recorded since "For You" which came out in 1976.

Although he is known as "His Royal Badness", what most people don't know about Prince is that lately his music has taken a huge turn toward the spiritual. Yes, she still has some dancin', love makin' tunes, but there is an overall spiritual nature in his music that wasn't there before.

Planet Earth is no exception. Prince is still pushing out quality tracks like "Guitar", a song about Prince giving up a girl over his love of music; and "The One U Wanna See" that's music reminds me of "When U Were Mine" and lyrics that evoke those "Raspberry Beret" days of carefree attitude. The only tracks that I didn't care for were "Mr. Goodnight" because Prince raps in it, and he has never been good at that; and " Chelsea Rodgers", an obvious ode to a smart, pretty girl that just seems out of place. The music in it is wonderful but the lyrics just don't fit the overall mood of the CD.

Even with all this fun, "FutureBabyMama" is destined to be a classic slow jam. It even won a Grammy for best Male R&B performance! If you listen to this song, you can definitely hear what Justin Timberlake and countless others have been ripping off lately. The spiritual side to Planet Earth is best heard in "Lion of Judah" which refers to- well, the Lion of Judah. It speaks of Prince utilizing his faith to battle sin and people who try to speak bad on him.

Planet Earth is a quality CD that I would recommend to people who haven't heard Prince in awhile and still think he's doing Darling Nikki music. Yes, he is still a lover of love, but Prince is trying his love on in a different set of clothes- spiritual clothes, and not the buttless pants of yesteryear.