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Princess Peach Game For Nintendo Ds

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I have played the Mario Brothers games my whole life and I've always thought Princess Peach could do a lot more then just being the one to get kidnapped all the time. Nintendo answered my thoughts by coming out with a game where Princess Peach is out all on her own, with the roles reversed! This time Princess Peach has to save Mario from Bowser before time runs out.

Run, jump, float, and fight your way through eight worlds alongside Princess Peach to save Mario. Princess Peach has 4 different types of powers, or vibes as the game calls them. They include: Joy, Rage, Gloom, and Calm. For Joy Peach whirls around like a cyclone that allows herself to lift up high into the air, clear enemies, and spin windmills. Rage allows Peach to catch fire where she can burn enemies or wood blocking her way in part of a level. Gloom is where Peach weeps and can run incredibly fast and be invisible at the same time. Her tears also cause plants and other items to grow, allowing her to reach higher places. Finally, Calm is where Peach makes herself invisible allowing her to slowly regain her health. She also gets to carry a parasol (umbrella) with her that she can use as a shield, a boat, to pick up and consume enemies and to whack Bowser's minions.

Overall, I give this game 4 out of 5 stars. I enjoy playing it very much and it's very fun using her different "vibes" to get through the levels. Although I seem to have gotten stuck in about the fifth level and I have no idea what to do to make it past. I guess this means I'm going to have to go out and buy one of the cheat books for the game. Especially if I ever want to save Mario and reunite the two lovers again!