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Printer Review: Lexmark Z1300

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The Lexmark Z1300 printer is a very basic, inexpensive printer. It is perfect for those who need to occasionally print a few pages. At less than $30, it was a perfect solution for our kids who only need one to print out their homework. After months of higher use than expected use, (including a few photos) it is still performing perfectly.


Everything to set up the printer is in the box, except the USB cord. After unpacking the printer it takes only 3 simple steps to get started:

1. Remove the tape off the printer; connect the power cord to both the printer and wall.

2. Push the power button on the top right side. It will light up when on. Open up the paper support and exit tray.

3. Raise the access cover and open the ink cartilage lids. Open the included color ink and remove the protective tape. Insert the cartage and close the lid. The cartage will slip in when placed in and the lid closes easily when it is in correctly. Close the access cover.

That's it! Simply load the paper and print!



1. The price. Hard to find any fault in a printer that cost less than $30.

2. It Works well. It has not only continued to print without problems, the color has been right on.

3. The size. The Lexmark Z1300 is small and lightweight. When not in use, we keep it on a shelf in the familyroom and it easily fits there. The compact size is a bonus for tight quarters and would be great for dorms.


1. The Noise. The is not a quiet printer. It is not so loud you will need to leave the room but it is also loud enough that it would be a pain to hear all day long.

2. The Speed. When I have a lot of pages to print, I really love my own printer because it is extremely fast. The Lexmark Z1300 does not come close to it's speed. I have used it to print a page or two and even then, I was aware of how long it took. Unless you are in a hurry, it is a small issue

Note: Our printer came with a Photo Explosion SE3 software disk which is a great deal since it is sold alone for $35! We already own it and the only difference is that when we bought it, we also got a referance book. You would be able to use the disk without the book and I am sure you could locate help on line if needed. It is a fun program and since it cost more than the price of the printer, a real deal!

If you are looking for an inexpensive, reliable, printer to use occasionally the Lexmark Z1300 is a wonderful choice!