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Probably Okay If You Just Use It

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Is 6 Second ABS gimmicky? You bet it is, but like most exercise or diet programs, there is probably some benefit if you just do something.

First of all, I must clarify that the 6 Seconds is not the total amount that you are suppose to spend exercising each day - it is the amount of time that one repetition of exercise takes using the 6 Second ABS Exercise 'machine'. They recommend that you do 40 repetitions per set, so that is 4 minutes (240 seconds) which still is not bad. Clearly '240 Second ABS' does not have as catchy of a ring to it. The package claims that the exercises are 15 times more effective than a regular crunch.

The 'machine' or 'exercise unit' is made of rubber and plastic materials and comes with four color coded resistance bands. The bands can be used singly or in different combinations of sets of two to attain resistance levels from approximately 15 to 55 pounds. I would be careful of dropping it on a hard surface. It is approximately 13 x 22 x 2.3 inches.

Unfortunately, one of my resistance bands broke (see photo). I can assure you that the failure was not caused by excessive use or excessive strength. Fortunately, I can get by with the remaining three bands.

The Machine comes in a package with a colorful 'Diet & Exercise Program' booklet and two exercise programs on a DVD:

Rock Hard ABS DVD - Primarily how to use the machine to 'perform perfect crunches' and other exercises. A big athletic guy demonstrates the unit making it seem like quite a workout (but if you look closely you can see he only has one yellow band in his machine which is only about 15 pounds of resistance).

Total Body Workout DVD - A perky woman (your typical 35 year old aerobics instructress) does a variety of resistance and cardio exercises.

The special package currently available at Walmart also includes a 'Fat Burning Cardio DVD'.

The Diet & Exercise Program booklet is colorful and 12 pages long! Actually, the Meal Planner and Shopping List have some good ideas if somebody were to actually use them.

One of the good things about the machine is that if you have a mute button on your phone you can exercise during phone conferences. The audible indicator Clicks could be annoying if you use it in the same room as people watching TV.

I am somewhat conflicted about 6 Second ABS. It hasn't done much for me, but I have not really used it enough to give it a fair chance. It is probably cheaper than joining a gym, and the machine will fit under your bed when you stop using it. Also, the people on the DVDs seem like nice folks.