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Pro Care Surround Gel Gives My Ankle Support

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Over the weekend I injured my ankle. I refused to go to the emergency room until the next day when I noticed the swelling and bruising had increased dramatically.

I had done everything you are supposed to do for a sprain: Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate. This is more commonly known as the RICE method.

Unable to stand the pain, or stand the next day, I submitted to going to a local clinic rather than an emergency room. I knew this clinic had X-ray facilities and could treat a sprain as well as a break.

I had wrapped my ankle in an ACE bandage for support. Let's face it, I have sprained my ankle before, I knew the protocol. The doctor was quite impressed with my ACE wrapping ability, by the way.

During the examination, the doctor noted what treatment direction we would go in the event of a break or a sprain. She thought by the looks of my injury it was broken. Thankfully the X-ray did not reveal a fracture.

The doctor prescribed I keep my ankle immobilized with a Surround Gel brace by ProCare. This little device is great! The splints on either side is hard plastic and they cushion your ankle with gel pads. You can refrigerate the Surround Gel brace for cool relief. The straps are Velcro and adjustable for comfort.

I am off my crutches now and I've found walking with this Surround Gel brace much more supportive than ACE bandages ever were. The cooling gel pads feel really nice. The entire device is very comfortable and lightweight despite its looks.

If you ever get saddled with a sprained ankle, ask for the Surround Gel brace!