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Professional Belgian Waffle Maker

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markmyboy By markmyboy on
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I Love Waffles! This is what I had to keep telling myself when I received this waffle maker as a christmas gift. It is true, I do love waffles & when i have the time I like making them from scratch & I liked cooking them on my old simple little belgian waffle maker.

I suppose I had been talking too much about how I thought it was so cute that this one hotel we stayed at had this cool waffle maker that you could flip over & make your own waffle for breakfast. I must have talked about it a lot, because to my surprise my in-laws bought me that flippy waffle maker! I know this waffle maker is not inexpensive, so it was not something I seriously looked into buying for myself. But there I was back in my kitchen two days after christmas & the kids wanted waffles.

I made up the same batter that I usually do & let it sit for a few minutes while I cleaned off the new waffle maker & let it warm up. The little lights flicked on & off & it was time to go. I don't know if I misread some instructions or if I had temporary hearing problems, but I never heard the beeps to indicate my waffle was done. Minutes go by & it starts to smell like the waffle is burning. I decide to ignore my genious waffle maker & open it up before it beeps at me & there sat the saddest, most burnt looking waffle ever! I don't know what I did wrong, because the second waffle & every other waffle since then has come out perfect!

This waffle maker cooks fast & doesn't have as much leakage as my older waffle maker did. There is even a knob that allows you to adjust the browness/crispness of your waffle. Waffle makers are a pain to clean & this one is no different, but since it makes less of a mess in the first place, it's not as bad. This is a really fun kitchen gadget & the kids like flipping it around when I am making their waffles. I am not sure I would have bought it for myself, but I am pretty happy that the in-laws bought it for me.