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We were blessed with this Gateway Profile 4 computer when our friends upgraded to laptops about two years ago. This computer was purchased in 2003 and served them well. When we got it in 2007, I played The Sims 2 on it, so the video card was decent and the memory is standard for that year of computer. It's nice and compact and was designed by Gateway to compete with other all-in-one computers, such as the Macbook. At the time of it's appearance, this was the top of the line Profile 4 from Gateway.

The flat screen is 17 inches, so it's a great size and was upsale for 2003 and even compared to the monitor I am currently using, it surpasses it.

My husband inherited this computer over a year ago from me, when he upgraded me to a super powerful computer - yes, I am a geek. He had been tailoring the computer to suit his needs over the past few months, that is until the monitor died. I have included two shots - one of the turned off computer and one with it powered on - that's the white screen you see. Being that the monitor won't power up, that means he can't access his files unless he connects a different external monitor or laptop to it, which he did connect a laptop. He can remote in from other computers and is thankfully able to pull his files off of it. But I have seen reviews of people who were not so fortunate. There are not many computer techs like my husband, who want to take the time to play around with this computer - or if they do, it'll cost you.

We needed to upgrade the memory by adding 1gb of RAM.

Here are the other specs:

2.66GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor

512 Mbytes of SDRAM

120-Gbyte hard drive

CD-RW/DVD combo drive

17-inch display.

My advise to anyone considering one of these, is to get an external hard drive to connect and back up your computer to that external drive often. Even if you get it for free or for very cheap, please power it up and make sure the screen displays information and isn't all white.

It's disappointing that this would happen to a pretty nice computer. So now I have ordered a nice laptop for the hubby and he'll get it before Christmas. My laptop will shortly follow hopefully in a month or two.

Just a shame that the monitor does this and when I "googled" it, we are definitely not alone.