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Pro Form 650 Crosstrainer Treadmill

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We had a Proform treadmill for about eight years that we were satisfied with, so when our old Proform needed replacement, I did not hesitate to purchase another by that company. All I wanted was an updated version of what I already had - a basic treadmill with few frills that would last as long as our old one. We purchased the Proform 650 Crosstrainer. I have provided six photos.

While I have been a treadmill user for about ten years, I chose my Level Of Experience to be 4, since I do not use all the bells and whistles treadmills have to offer, therefore can't comment on all the various body program options.

I was looking for a treadmill with a longer, wider, belt than the cheap models. Our old treadmill had a generous sized belt and I can't imagine being skimpy on the size of the belt for safety and comfort. I did not need the moving arms at the sides as I did not use them on our old one and found them to be in the way.

We have had this treadmill for about 10 months now. While I have been generally pleased with it I am now a bit worried I am headed for problems. During my walking sessions in the past month, this treadmill has failed to start after I press the start button on about four different occasions. The numbers show I am walking, but the belt is not moving. I don't know why this is happening, but it shouldn't, especially since it is less than a year old. If this didn't happen, I would give this treadmill a better rating.

Other than that, this treadmill seems to have enough power. I love the two compartments on either side of the panel for storage. I use one for water and the other for the TV remote, lol. The panel is easy to use... well, it's easy for me, since I do not use any body programs. It's basically, power it up using the round magnet on a string, press start and the mph number, and I'm set to go!

One highly annoying aspect of the panel, in my opinion, is the fact that out of the four main numbers on the light up panel - time/distance, incline, calories, and pace, this treadmill took the most important feature in my workout - "distance"...(how many miles walked) and instead of leaving it permanently lit on the panel, they have "distance" and "time" alternate for about 6-7 seconds each. So if I want to look at the panel to see how many miles I have gone so far, I have to wait until the time number shuts off and switches to the distance number. On my old treadmil, time and distance were two separate readings that stayed lit all the time. That is what I loved. I wish Proform would have removed ANY of the other non-essential buttons or made any of the other buttons alternate blinkers instead of messing with the time/distance. Really, I don't need to see at all times (if ever) the calories I have burned, the pace I'm walking, or the incline. This may sound nitpicky to some, but I used this treadmill every day, so it can be a pain to deal with.

The panel has a bright blue light display. The light is nice so the numbers are eay to read. Since I watch TV/DVDs while on the treadmill, the panel light can be slightly distracting. I fixed this by taping a piece of thick paper over the panel light and just flip over the paper when I want to check my progress. Also, the side bars are metal and they can be cold, so I put my own "handle bar covers" over each one which feels more comfy.

I purchased this treadmil, the guy at Sports Authority loaded it in the car, and it took 3 of us to move it into my basement. Moving it was a royal pain. My son and I put it together. It takes two people. All I can say is from now on, it is delivery only. Putting it together was not really bad, but moving big heavy equipment into the basment is something I wish to avoid in the future.

For the price, this treadmill is ok if it continues to work. That remains to be seen.