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Progressive Auto Insurance: Smooth And Easy Claims

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Gayle Parks By Gayle Parks on
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Auto insurance is not one of the most exciting topics to discuss but like many things in life sometimes you have to talk about it. I actually had a good experience with my auto insurance and want to share it with others. I have Progressive Auto Insurance. Frankly, I have not shopped around so I am not sure if they have the best price or not. This review isn’t about price though, it is about my recent experience with filing a claim with Progressive Insurance and how smooth and easy it all was.

Last month my husband and I had the misfortune to hit a deer while driving home one day. The deer, after rolling into the ditch, got up and ran away into the woods. Our car, however, sustained some damage. After the usual pacing back and forth and cursing our bad luck, we both agreed it could have been worse. I, myself, dreaded the thought of having to call the insurance company. In my experience it is usually just one big hassle. Not this time.

First, I found that I could actually report the claim on line. I didn’t have to call any body. I simply entered our personal information, described the accident and hit the send button. The next morning an agent called me! I answered a few questions and then my husband and I drove our car to the repair shop we had chosen. A man with a rental car met us there. We got out of our car, got in the rental car and drove home. The rental was comparable to our own car in size, make, model and year.

A few hours later an adjuster called us to let us know that he had examined our car, estimated the amount of damage and that our car would be repaired and ready for pick up in about three days. Sure enough, three days later our car was ready. We paid our deductible and we were done. No hassle whatsoever!

Wow! The whole thing was over and done in less than a week and I never even made a single phone call! Progressive Auto Insurance claims service gets an A+ from me!