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Progressive Pastry Mat Is Barely Useable Out Of The Box

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alexsandralyn By alexsandralyn on
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The pastry mat edges curl and won't lay flat

I bought a Progressive pastry matbecause I wanted to try my hand at making homemade pie crusts and bread dough. Out of all of the different department stores that I had shopped at, this was the only pastry mat that I could find. For $7, the price was right, but then again, you get what you pay for, and the Progressive pastry mat is really just a shiny piece of printed plastic. The circular dimensions are printed out from 5" to 16" for rolling out pie crusts, and that is one of the specific features that I was looking for. Recipes for pizza dough, biscuits and more are also printed on the pastry mat, but I haven't tried any of them.

The Progressive pastry mat is rolled up fairly tightly to fit into its packaging, and when I pulled the pastry mat out of the box, the edges would not lie flat on the table. You can see from the first photograph just how much those edges curl. I put a few cookbooks on the pastry mat and let it sit overnight to see if that would help flatten the edges. That helped a little bit, but even after a few weeks of being weighted down on my dining room table, the edges of the pastry mat still curled a little.

But the worst problem with this pastry mat happened when I tried to roll out pie dough on it. The pastry mat slid all over my dining room table every time I rolled in any given direction. I ended up bracing one of the edges of the pastry mat against the table with my thigh just to keep the mat from sliding around while I finished rolling out the pie dough. The Progressive pastry mat was next to useless with the exception of the printed 12" circle that I was using to measure the dimensions of my pie dough. Oh, what I would have given to have my mother's old stretched canvas pastry mat, stains and all.

But the Progressive pastry mat isn't all bad. The pastry mat is easy to clean with soap and water. It just has this terrible problem of sliding around all over the table whenever you try to actually use it, or even just try to clean it. And this pastry mat is not dishwasher safe.

But rather than take this pastry mat back to the store, I decided to mount the plastic onto some rubber shelf liner instead. And this solution worked like a charm. It took me about half an hour to spread rubber cement evenly on the back of the Progressive pastry mat and the front of the rubber shelf liner, press the two pieces together and then trim the edges. I've kneaded several loaves of bread dough on this pastry mat now and the pastry mat never slides around on my dining room table. The edges don't curl anymore either, thanks to the addition of the rubber shelf liner. But I don't recommend buying the Progressive pastry mat unless you're prepared to doctor it up with some rubber shelf liner to make it useable.