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Projects That Help Kids With The Environment

Reviewing: Environmental Science: 49 Science Fair Projects By Robert L. Bonnet And G. Daniel Keen  |  Rating:
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Every year my daughter is responsible for a science fair project. This year I thought it would be fitting for her to do one that taught her about the environment. I found a science fair project book on Environmental Science. It is called Environmental Science: 49 Science Fair Projects by Robert L. Bonnet and G. Daniel Keen.

The first thing I noticed about this book was it's eye for safety. The authors made sure to put a big stop sign on any project that required adult supervision. My daughter knows she needs to come to me for help whenever she sees one of those stop signs.

The topics in the book include: Under Your Feet (ground), Ecology, Pests and Controls, Recycling, Waste Products, Indoor Environment, and Man Affects the Environment. I find this list and the projects within it to be complete and extremely educational even if you only choose to read the material and not even do any of the experiments.

My daughter enjoyed the experiment on insect bait. That required taking different types of food to a picnic area and finding out which one attracted the most insects.

I highly recommend this book.