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Projects That Teach Space And Astronomy

Reviewing: Space And Astronomy: 49 Science Fair Projects By Robert L. Bonnet And G. Daniel Keen  |  Rating:
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I love to take my daughter to those planetariums. Plus there is nothing like staring up at a stary sky on a nice summer evening. That's why I thought it would be fun to do some astronomy science projects with my daughter.

The book Space and Astronomy by Robert L. Bonnet and G. Daniel Keen is perfect for kids my daughter's age (8). The illustrations are easy to understand and the projects are laid out for you in only a few short pages each. The categories include: Observing the Heavens, Clocks, Calendars, and Time, The Solar System, Beyond the Solar System, Meteors and Meteorites, and Other Uses for the Stars.

My daughter's as well as my favorite is the Moon Map. I was surprised to learn that the same side of the Moon always faces the Earth. This project also encourages kids to research the topic further after they finished which I thought was a good idea since it seems silly to just do a project for the sake of doing it. I want my daughter to have a spark for learning and go about learning even when it isn't required of her.

Anyway I love this book and it is great for doing science fair projects.