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Pros And Cons Of Nokia N97

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Mohammed Abdulrady By Mohammed Abdulrady on
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I got an Opportunity to use the phone, before writing this review and would like to share this with all interested, but confused in purchasing a phone. This is how, my experience has been with this phone:

The built quality of the Nokia N97 is really impressive. Unlike the Nokia N96 it feels eally solid and the plastic feel of its predecessor is gone. Good job here, the phone feels very solid although it is not quite pocket friendly.

Active Homescreen. I liked the active home screen a lot and with the ability to organize it the way you like it becomes starting point of almost everything I want to do with the phone. Also the widgets are really amazing, extending the possibilities for your homescreen.

The built in browser in the Nokia N97 is a masterpiece of it's own. It is the same browser as in the Nokia 5800 but has a few tweaks of its own. The things you would like are the automatic switching in fullscreen mode and out of fullscreen mode and the kinetic scrolling.

The Nokia N97 features a faster ARM11 434MHz processor compared with the 369MHz chip on the 5800 XpressMusic which is a significant performance boost. Also the built in 32GB internal memory and the microSD card slot are a big bonuses.

One thing that got on my nerves was the lock/unlock switch button that seems to not be working right. Sometimes I have to drag it for 2 or 3 times just to unlock the phone. When we speak for locking/unlocking the phone, well I would expect the phone to automatically unlock when I slide out the keyboard. Well it does, but sometimes the phone unlocks without the backlight on so you can see that there is something on the screen, you can click on icons and go through menus but the backlight stays off. This happens very often and I don't know if this is a problem with only the device i used.

The dual LED flash, compared to the N82's xenon flash the images especially in complete darkness look inferior.

Apart from the many bugs in the software there is another thing that shocks users at first. You will have to double click on items to open them.