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Prosthetic Feet Legs

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I have been an amputee for 22 years and I had to make the choice to have the surgery completed. It was the really only option for me to continue with a normal life. The options were a wheel or amputation? I cannot say what anyone else would do, but I knew what my outcome was going to be as I had not walked correctly for 5-6 years. The amputation I had was called a Symes' Amputation where they remove the part of the leg and foot just below the ankle bone and you still require a full prosthesis to walk. After 6 months in casts and crutches I was more than ready to begin life again. To be able to walk and take care of myself and do just about anything again.

I was so happy when I finally received my 1st prosthetic leg. I had it barely 6 weeks the the keel of the foot broke just by walking to the elevator at work. This type of foot is a non-articulating foot or non-movable make of metal steel bare to help with a better natural movement. Gee it is funny that everything only has a 30 warranty and so did the foot. The replacement it with the Seattle foot which is an energy storing foot that helps your movement with store energy in parts of the foot. I was impressed with the foot and it worked well for 45 days before this one also broke. Imagine working and telling your co-workers you broke your foot and are going to have it fixed and they look at you like where is the cast? So, when I went to have that foot replaced I said just give me a plan out foot that will not break within 1 yr. I did not require toes one it, I do not need cosmetics for my foot just a foot to walk with. Right after they completed the process of replacing the foot we went to Valley Fair Amusement Park for a company picnic and I completely pulled the socket out of the prosthetic. This was all in the first year and a half. Know each foot cost approximately $1200 to $2500 each plus the cost to replace the parts and etc. It can be a pretty pricey investment thank god for insurance.

After all the different types of legs and feet I finally found a great prosthetist in Tilliges Prosthetics in St. Paul, Mn. People actually see me all the time and cannot tell I am an amputee. I play golf, I bowl, and whatever I want and it's great. They have made me a leg with a foot that has lasted me 8 years. I finally had to have a new one made due to extremity change in size (smaller) and my new Leg is great. The cost of a completed prosthetic leg from the knee down and foot approximately $8000. The foot that finally work for me was the Flex foot and it has toes on it too. So, now I can get a pedicure and nails polished for 1/2 price you know...hahahah