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Protection For Your Cell Phone

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My new cell phone has a shiny front that could easily be scratched. Not only that but it shows every little smudge or fingerprint. I didn't want to ruin the appearance so I decided to buy a protective case for it. My old cell phone was a boring grey color. I protected it with a black leather case. This new cell phone is a deep red color and this time a black leather case, completely covering it, was not an option!

I looked online and then decided to go to my local mall for a look around. I ended up at a kiosk that sold cell phone accessories. The salesman showed me a few colors and even let me test drive the faceplates. It was easy to put it on. Just snap it on and you are all set. I put on the blue one, well that was strange looking. I was looking for a Tinkerbell faceplate...but none was available for my phone. He showed me a red faceplate which exactly matched my phone's color. Great....I'll take it!

The faceplate comes in two pieces. The front plate sits just below the camera eye on the phone. The back completely covers the cell phone. On the front plate there is a little window so you can see your display. I wish that had some type of plastic cover over it so that would protect the phone from stratches or smudges.

I love the feel of this faceplate. It's plastic but the finish on the case feels almost silky. It's very smooth and comfortable to hold in your hand. It also protects you from the heat of the phone if you are using it for an extend period of time. You know how hot the phone can get!

There is a hole on the back plate. I am guessing this is where you attached a clip to carry the phone at your waist. I don't know for sure since they didn't include one when I bought mine. I went back to visit the kiosk a week later, and they told me that I was correct. I was given a clear clip which they attached for me. I have searched the internet looking for the same faceplate because I know you all can't get to my mall to buy one. Here's the exact same plate I bought : Solid Red Faceplate .

The price was great and it looks classy while protecting my new cell phone. What else could I ask for? Well, maybe a Tinkerbell design in the futue for my Samsung M300!