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Protects Teeth And Gums Everyday

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I am loathe to admit this, but I will come right out with it. Up until a year ago, I did not floss regularly at all. My teeth are really close together and whenever I attempted to floss, it would cut into my gums and they would bleed. Whenever I would see that bright red ascending from my gums, I would get really repulsed and scared.

The gore I saw and the pain I felt was the cause of my sporadic flossing. The results I observed made me feel like I was doing something wrong and would cause me to stop. I ended up going to a new dental practice, where I met a new hygienist. Surprisingly, I didn't have any cavities, but it was agonizing when she was poking around with her implements on my gumline and in between my teeth.

When she saw me wriggling around in my seat, feeling very uncomfortable, she said she was going to floss my teeth. I just knew what I was in for. I sort of remember begging her not to, but somehow, I got weaseled into it. If I thought I was in pain with her tools, the flossing was worse. After that torture treatment, she told me that if I flossed everyday for a week, my gums would toughen up and wouldn't bleed anymore. I followed her advice and haven't looked back. She was completely right.

I use fluoride waxed floss in the mint flavor. I like the taste. It has just the right amount of sweetness. The floss smells quite minty, as well. I find that this glides in well, but of course, sometimes it snags or gets caught in between the tight spaces of my teeth. I like that there is fluoride in this because I believe it will hinder cavities from forming between my teeth. I also think that it helps strengthen my teeth. I recommend this floss highly and won't be using another type any time soon.

Nowadays, I don't miss a day of flossing. When I see food particles come out from the crevices of my teeth, I feel cleaner, happy and satisfied. I also remember that in the past, I used to leave them in there... to rot.