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Prototype Legend

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By boothy on
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Prototype is a new game by activision it is available on xbox, ps3 and PC. You are Alex Mercer and you have just awoken and discovered that you cant remember a thing and well lets just say your pretty P'd off and then you discover that you have superhuman powers that further develop as time goes on.

The main aim of the game is to find out who you are and what happened to you, this is achieveed by doing missions and consuming people to get the information out of them.

Set in manhattam at a time of crisis as a deadly virus has broken out and infects people quite in the same way as being a 'zombie'. Alex Mercer can buy upgrades using evolution points that are obtained by killing enemies and completing events and mission these upgrades allow him to jump higher, run faster, heal faster and lets just say kill people in differents ways.

Events are little mini games that can be played through out the game there are some such as glide where you have to jump from a building and land on a marker or other ones where you have to kill enemies or run along roof tops to get to the markers as fast as possible. You can also unlike the ability to drive tanks and helicopters which is always fun and the game is free roam much liek the grand theft auto series.

As the game unravels you will unlock new powers and discover more about yourself and how you came to be like this.

I hope you buy the game as it is brilliant and definitely worth the 80 bucks.