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Prototype; Worth The Money?

Reviewing: Radical Entertainment Prototype  |  Rating:
By skumskilla on
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New game Prototype hit the stores earlier this week. I have been reading reviews of the pre-release and none of those could prepare me for the full thing. Lets start with the very beginning of the game. It starts out with Alex Mercer with all of the powers that you can start with. It was amazing to see Alex hop over buildings and crush through cars with ease. It was even surprising that you could kill normal humans as well as the military and infected.

Now there was an even a "sneaky" part of this game, where you could consume average people or military personnel and gain their abilities or past memories. I found myself fighting alongside the military disguised as their own fighting off the infected. If they knew my true identity they would surly attempt to kill me as well. But the if i blew my cover i would just kill them all :).

I really enjoyed how there is a free roam in a nearly exact remake of Manhattan Island. While in free roam, you could choose to infiltrate a military base so there are less of them after you. Or, you could team up with the Military (disguised as one of them) and destroy a infected hive. When you are in the territory of a hive there are many infected "zombies" and hunters (super infected) running around. They will really just try to kill anyone in their area.

So do i think the game is wort $50 or $60 dollars? You bet I do! Not only is Alex mercer fully customizable, but his shape shifting and parkour ability takes the cake. So if you ever decide to buy prototype, and don't mind a lot of blood and gore and swearing, then this is the game for you!