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Prozac Does The Job, But Too Well...

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sizwizz By sizwizz on
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Okay... First of all, I want to tell you I'm not crazy, or depressed! But a few years ago, I visited my doctor and he decided to change a medication I was taking for PMS symptoms. Now mind you, my symptoms are more emotional than physical so I was taking a drug that was mood altering. I hate messing around with success, but my doctor wanted me to try Prozac to see if this would be a better alternative.

First, I tried the weekly Prozac, and didn't really care for that. For some reason, when I took the capsule at the beginning of the week, it kind of gave me a "rush", but soon subsided. The doctor decided to prescribe the ‘daily' Prozac instead. It takes a few days for the drug to kick-in, but in time, I felt it was doing exactly what it was supposed to do.

Sadly during my Prozac days, my father suddenly passed away. Anyone who has lost a parent knows the extreme grief that follows. However, in my case, although I felt the grief, I never felt like I grieved as much as I should have. It's hard to explain... it's like it was all inside of me, but I couldn't expel it emotionally. To this day, I feel guilty about that. Later, I came to realize it was probably due to the Prozac.

On my next visit to my doctor, he asked me if I was still taking the Prozac prescription, and I told him I had stopped. I know that Prozac is a great breakthrough in medicine, and is helping many people who suffer from depression. Personally, I'd rather feel the highs and lows in my life to the fullest, and although it DID help, it made my emotions too "leveled out". It took away my pain as well as my joy, and I want to experience ALL of it, because no matter what, at least you're feeling!