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Ps2 Greatest Hits: 'Star Wars Battlefront Ii'

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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This game allows you to fight on frontline battles, as one of the dark Forces members, or that of the rebellion. There are space battles as well, where you can choose to fight in a Tie-fighter, or an X-wing, to defend your fleets, and mother ships. The Dogfights are unreal.

There is an online version as well, but unfortunately, I have never tried it. My friends play it online once in a while though, and they say it can get really intense.

You can be many characters in this highly addictive game. My Favorite is Darth Vader. You can be other bad guys as well. I just recently earned a light saber, and apparently you can earn the Force as well. I don't know what I will do when that happens.

The deep space battles are a little difficult, but very worth the practice you get doing it over and over, until you win the battle.

A Grid map keeps track of your progress. You can advance faster than I have if you are willing to do the training. I don't have the patience to do all that, so I can imagine why I totally place like I am blind.

The graphics are awesome, as this is a signature DVD ROM PS2 game, and not a CD-ROM. It has an easier PS2 download feature, which allows quicker load time. I prefer this type of PS2 format. The older PS2 will load this without a problem as well. We all know how picky the old PS2 is.

Though I am pretty new at this game (I have only been playing it for about a month), I am really getting hooked. I think I will definitely enjoy this game for some time to come.

I found this one used, at Hastings for $10. It is in excellent condition!

If you choose to go online, you can play the multi player feature, and I can only imagine that. I give this game a five star rating of five. This game is totally a winner!