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Ps3 Controller Extremely Comfortable

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Being an avid gamer I have to say that Playstation controllers are the best in the business. I bought this controller a few months ago for a friend and I was thoroughly impressed with its comfort, durability, and battery life. I personally believe in the old adage that if something isn't broke there is no need to fit it. The Playstation company really takes this adage to heart because they haven't made any major changes to their controller design since the original Playstaion 1. If anything, the minor changes they have made have only made this product better!!

Firstly they have made the controller wireless and it comes with a rechargeable internal battery. In my experience with this product the battery life is phenomenal. We've sat down and played 8-10 hours in a row and the battery life is barely affected. Also the controller has a new '6 axis' feature. Similar to the Nintendo Wii's controller, for certain games you have to tilt the controller for particular aspects of the game. I have played one racing game which used this tilting feature and I found it to be very responsive. The slightest movement of the controller and the game immediately reacted to it.

Another great feature of this controller is its new PS 'home' button. By pressing this button at any time it will bring up a menu which allows you to turn off your game, the system, or the controller. This is a very nice feature if you want to do something specific with your game or your Playstation 3.

In terms of the ergonomics behind the product I think this controller is the best in the business. All of the buttons on the controller are easily accessible and very easy to reach. I've sat down and played for many hours and my fingers or hands have never gotten sore from the controller. The durability of these controllers are also remarkable. I've dropped the controller on many different surfaces and I've yet to have any troubles with it.

The Playstation 3 controller is not much different from the Playstation 2 version, but this isn't such a bad thing. The small adjustments they have made just make this product that much more superior. In my mind Playstation 3 controllers are better than any other controller on the market in terms of their battery life, comfort, durability, and gameplay.