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Ps3 More Practical

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Chuck Ekere By Chuck Ekere on
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In the debate of the Xbox 360 and PS3, many argue in favor of the Xbox 360 for its higher game variety, its more numerous features unavailable on the PS3, e.g. the HD-DVD, Live, better graphics, and the most famous of them all, the wireless controller etc. Many even love it because it is from Microsoft, and microsoft tends to add more features to their product. However, there is one fundamental thing that the Xbox 360 lacks that the Ps3 and other Japanese Game consoles have: durability/dependability. One day, my cousin bought a brand new Xbox 360 from Walmart and then kept an for 8 months, taking proper care of it. After that, the system randomly freezed, for another two months, then it caught the 3 red rings of death. My used PS3, on the other hand, has lasted for three years, up until today, and I'm still playing. Although the PS3 does not have the most features or games, it carries on the legacy of dependability and technological advancement from the PS2 of the late 90s and PS1 of the mid 90s. Yes indeed the PS3 is not necessarily built with MORE technological features, but is built with NEWER, MORE CURRENT technology and is more suitable for everyday use. PS3's bigger hard drive space makes it more practical, and the faster running processor makes it more efficient. The PS3's hardware is generally of better quality, and is not as likely to overheat or break down as that of the 360. The PS3 is less likely to have the problem that causes red rings or freezing on a 360. The parts on a PS3 may not be as easy to repair or replace, but keep in mind that an Xbox 360 may require a lot more repairs or replacements, as with many American products. The Xbox 360 is cheaper, no doubt about it, but as with all American products they just don't beat the Japanese where durability is concerned. What is the use of all those "bells and whistles" on a system that is not strong enough to last?