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Psion Series 7 Pda

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Dave Simmons By Dave Simmons on
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Created in 1999, the Series 7 was the last, and greatest PDA created by Psion. Resembling nothing more or less than a tiny clamshell laptop, this PDA folds up to something roughly the size and weight of a hardback novel. Whilst this is quite a bit bulkier than your average Palm or Blackberry, this is no way a disadvantage, given the features, and still weighs in far less than a typical laptop.

When unfolded, the two major features will become apparent: The 10" VGA colour touchscreen, and the full-sized keyboard, equal to any laptop keyboard you'll find. The 7 runs under the Symbian EPOC system, which is entirely stored in ROM, meaning an instant boot-up and shutdown time. It comes with 16Mb of flash memory and can be upgraded easily with flash memory cards (My own holds a standard 1Gb compactflash card, and is more than roomy). Battery life knocks laptops cold, with a typical 8 hours of use from an hour's charge, compared to a typical laptop's 2. Software includes a full office suite compatible with Microsoft Office, and hundreds of freeware and shareware programs are available online.

It says a lot when I'd take this particular machine, made 8 years ago, over anything on the market today. It's ideal for people who want to word-process on the move, or enjoy reading eBooks.