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Psp Go A Disappointment In A Box

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Luke Kazmierski By Luke Kazmierski on
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The highly anticipated PSP Go has been a disappoint to me and most of its buyers. The Sony product was another form, or generation, of the PSP handheld system series (oval-shaped system). The difference between the older generations and the new PSP Go? I can not pick one decent difference. Now most new gaming systems or console's major feature is the graphics, which every users look for. For the PSP Go, the graphics are horrendous for a 21st century console. One can say it has a "fuzzy" look like an old television screen.

Also, the storage capacity is slightly low, making one buy an expensive memory stick. In addition, Sony raved about how there was no need to buy a game from a retailer and one could download the game/video with ease. Well think again users. The Playstation store requires a free membership to join, which takes a bit of time to type on the PSP Go. Also, the games range from $00.99 - $60.00. All of the good and entertaining games are around the forty to sixty dollar range, so within a year a user may have only two games on their system because of the outrageous prices and the limited storage capacity.

Also, the store requires a wi-fi hotspot in which a user must go back, go to wi-fi settings, search for a wi-fi, set it as public, home, or work, enter the IP Address and may have to enter a password, and finally click enter. Then, the user must go back to the store and buy the remarkably high-priced game.

Now, another speculation is the battery. The battery is decently good, but not amazing. It's enough if you're in a car to your vacation hotspot, but it could be better. I must say the size is favorable. It fits in my hands perfectly and the button placement is not too bad. This is an improvement than the older series.

Now one huge disappoint on Sony's part was the game choice. The choice is very poor, not including some famous games for system consoles. Overall, this is a no getter. If one would want a fun gaming system, get the Ipod Touch or an older PSP system.