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Psp Go Review

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By ieatmoney on
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Sony Systems Psp Gaming Game

Well i did recently buy my sony psp go from walmart for 199.00 usd. Now it is lighter and smaller than the original sony psp handheld gaming console but, if you have the original I WOULD SPEND THE MONEY TO BUY THE GO IF YOU HAVE IT. Some tech stuff..16gb built in flash drive, playstation network, 3.8inch lcd screen. You can download games on your computer and send them to your console, i found this very cool and usefull. If you dont have wireless internet though, i would not recommend buying this item. The sliding feature is nice also, convenient. I bought the pack that came with 3 game downloads what were, socom 3, little big planet, and ratchet and clank. But!, the system does not take universal media discs, wich means you don't buy games from the store, you download them via the internet this is not as convenient for some people as it has its ups and its downs for others. Sony is offering free game downloads when you buy the system due to lack of interest from consumers. The battery life is more efficient in my opinion but is not removable or exchangable by the consumer. I do recommend the system though the prices are a bit high for it, considering all the stuff you have to go through for the games downloading and stuff, that also means you cant have as, amy games as you want because the memory is only 16gb and some games can be as low as 100mb