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Puffs Plus With Vicks

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benjaminna By benjaminna on
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Product Description: Puffs Plus with Vicks is a non-medicated soft 2-ply tissue. It not only has lotion in them but also the comforting scent of Vicks vapors.My Review: I liked Puffs Plus with Vicks. It gave off just enough Vicks scent that made cold symptoms a little more comforting. The lotion was also more pleasant and gentle on your over blown nose

The main problem I had with Puffs Plus with Vicks was not so much the product - it was the packaging - which, in my opinion was very poorly done. The description, ingredients and everything else you would expect to read about on a product was written in three different languages with nothing more than a ‘ / ‘ separating one language from another. This made it very confusing. I spent more time reading non-English words than words I could read.

It was nearly impossible to read the ingredients. Since those words are often strange and unknowing anyways - it makes it very difficult when those too, where written in three different languages all crammed together.

I also learned the hard way, not to wipe your eyes with Puffs Plus with Vicks - it will burn! I wouldn't know this because there was nothing written on the box about keeping the product away from your eyes. Unless it was written in another language that I couldn't read.

The bottom line is - this is a good product. It does exactly what it says - gives off a soothing scent of Vicks which is nice when you have a cold or congested. However, I found the packaging and language challenged so annoying I would probably just avoid buying this product again.