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Puffs Tissues

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I'm never sick with colds or allergies, so when I do come down with a cold bug I keep a box of tissues with me as a constant companion. Being a thrifty person, I shop for the best price on all of my household items, and facial tissue was no exception. Tissue is tissue, right? Oh how wrong THAT statement is! Who knew?

When I came down with the sniffles a few weeks ago, it lasted much longer than usual. I dug out my inexpensive tissues from the deep recesses of my bathroom cabinet and kept a box with me wherever I went. I went through box after box trying to keep up with my runny nose! But the longer I used these *bargain* tissues, the more I dreaded the next time I had to put one anywhere near my nose! My skin was dry and irritated from all that blowing into the tissues!

I couldn't stand it anymore! I dragged myself to the nearest store and bought a 3 pack of Puffs Ultra Tissues because they just sounded soft! I was desperate for relief! When I pulled the first tissue from the box I could feel the difference right away. Ahhhh... relief was on the way! I never realized until that moment how tissues varied in softness. My nose may have been spared all that roughness if I'd had the Puffs in the first place. I will never buy another cheap box of facial tissue again, even though I hope I won't need them for a long time. Plus, they're great for removing makeup!