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Pumie Heavy Duty Scouring Stick Saved My Toilets

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When we purchased our home the toilets had this rusty colored, scaly-looking film covering the bowl below the water line. I know now it was lime stain from the hard water we have here. I tried every chemical including Muratic Acid to get that stuff off. When I had almost given up and wanted to get new toilets, I came across the Pumie Scouring Stick. I decided I tried everything else, why not?

The box says: Removes Deep Stains, Hard Water Rings, Rust & Paint, and Carbon Buildups. I got my purchase home and pulled it out of the box. It’s pumice stone, similar to one you could purchase for callous removal.

I put on my gloves and dove into the toilet. To my surprise the Pumie Scouring Stick worked! Granted it took a little effort, but the toilets were saved from a sure disposal.

The stick is easy to use. You just wet and scrub with it. The stains just come off and get flushed down the drain with the pumice residue.

Pumie works on stains, deposits, lime scale, rust, grime, algae, unwanted paint, baked on food, grease, and carbon build up. You cannot use it on soft metal, high-gloss surfaces, unbaked enamel finishes, glass, fiberglass, or plastic. It also warns about colored porcelain and decorative tiles-these should be tested first.

Pumie Scouring Stick is my new best toilet-cleaning friend! It really saved us a bundle in new toilets.