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Punchout For The Wii: A Classic Remade

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Anyone growing up in the NES era would without a doubt, remember Punchout as a memorable game. Now almost 20 years from the original, Nintendo has went back, recreated a classic. After hearing good words for the new game, I went out and bought the game, which is about $50 at any best buy. The cover of the game shows a more realistic "Little Mac", the hero from the original Punchout for the NES game. The game also contains all of the original enemies (Glass Joe, Von Kaiser, Piston Honda, Don Flamenco, King Hippo, Great Tiger, and more), also including brand new enemies such as "Disco Kid" Also reappearing is Doc, Mac's trainer, who, after each round, will give him a tip on how beat each baddie. Each enemy has his own set of special moves and weaknesses. As with the original Punchout, you can collect stars by punching the other boxer in a certain way, usually when their taunting you. Each of the reappearing boxers has new moves, along with his old ones, to keep this fresh. There are two ways to play, with just the wii reomote, which is used to play in the orginal set of the first punch out, or with the wii numkuck, in a style that is similar to wii boxing. Both ways work well, but if you are classic gamer, would probably rather play with the wii remote. However you can change the style you are play with at anytime in the game, so you can feel free to experiment. The gameplay is almost perfect and with the numkuck, you'll feel like a real boxer. The graphics are good for the wii, and work well the the games sound. The only problem is that the game itself is rather short. To increase the replayability higher, there is a challenge mode, with different challenges on how to beat each enemy in a different way, like, find all 5 ways to get a star or beat the enemy in one round. There is also a multilayer mode, which is fun for a while. In ballplayer mode you can play as "Giga Mac", were Mac makes a sort of "Hulk" transformation, to crush your friends with. All in all, its game you won't want to miss, but your probably better of renting it for a week then spending $50 on it.