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Puppet Puppet Review

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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Joy Fielding does some great thrillers. In this her latest book she tells the story of Amanda. A lawyer who by day is a great lawyer. However, by night Amanda is either drinking or looking for love something she never got from her alcoholic mother and codependant father. According to Amanda her mother had two moods indifference and rage. With two failed marriages she has settled into getting involved in brief meaningless relationships without care for who she hurts.

One day she gets a call from her first ex-husband who lives in Toronto. He tells Amanda, her mother, who lives in Toronto, has walked into a hotel and killed an unarmed stranger. Amanda's first reaction is her mother can just deal with this mess on her own but eventually Amanda finds she can not resist going home to get answers from her mother about the murder and about their stormy relationship.

I liked this book. Some people call the main character unsympathetic and yes she does not appear to have any redeemimg qualities but do not overthink this one and I think those who like thrillers will enjoy this book. It will keep readers guessing until the end. This book is not for children.