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Pure Country 2: The Gift

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I have never actually watched the first one in this series, but I definitely fell in love with this one.

In this movie, three angels discover a very powerful voice so they decide to send it to someone very special as a gift. They only had three conditions: She could not lie, she had to treat everyone fairly, and she is not allowed to break a promise. Or else her gift will be taken away from her. Needless to say, before it is over, she breaks all these rules and can barely redeem herself. She also falls in love and learns many life lessons along the way.

First of all, this movie has a killer soundtrack. If you are a country music lover--or just a lover of good music--you will love this. Katrina Elam, a professional country singer, is the star. Her singing style, for me, brings to mind a little Reba and Faith Hill and a touch of Carrie Underwood. And the music video they design in the movie reminded me a lot of music videos by my favorite newer country band, Sugarland.

The story line was pretty awesome, too. If more celebrities would slow down and concentrate on relationships and family, I believe this world would be a better place. There would be way less uber-famous people, but I think they would be happier.

I thought the love story in this movie was very cute. How they met and how he helped her and she helped him. How they communicated through a dream. I love magical love stories. Not, "Wow, we got drunk and ended up messing around and now we are choosing to live together." This movie, instead, had an Emily of New Moon quality to it. Like how Emily and Teddy communicate. (I am definitely a romantic and read a lot of old romance novels.)

What really made the movie complete for me, though, was how they had Michael McKeane (Lenny of Lenny & Squiggy on Laverne and Shirley) as an angel in a hard hat. He has talent that has spanned decades, and I think he is hilarious.

And, to top it all off, this movie is only rated PG, unlike many movies these days, like Country Strong which is also now for rent at Redbox kiosks. And it is still incredibly imaginative without being a kindergartener's movie.

My only real issue with this movie, that I can recall, had to be the cussing angels. This was sacrilegious and very rude to religious people and confused the Christian-based theme.