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Pure Egg Seperator Gets Egg On Your Face

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Amy Thomas By Amy Thomas on
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Buying this product is not only entirely unnecessary, it's just a waste of money. I am a professional chef, I cook breakfast everyday, so I work with a lot of eggs. I love to see what kinds of gadgets are out there and this one just looked too good not to try out.

I believe that what the Typhoon company was hopping for was that the egg whites would just slide out of the long slit in the middle of the cup, while leaving the yolks inside. The problem is when you tip it the yolk tries to slide out with the whites, and my first try they yolk actually broke and slipped out with the whites. Also, if you turn it over too much everything just falls out. No good.

Tips without the $$:

1. Break the egg in half and pass the yolk back and forth, allow whites to spill into bowl

2. Break the egg and pour into your open hand with your fingers loosely held together. Allow the whites to slip between your finger into a bowl