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Pure Pure Review

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Tristan Cole By Tristan Cole on
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First of all, I just have to say wow. Thrown off by the developer Disney, people were skeptic. I have to say that I wasn't all that excited for the game either. After playing the demo though, the talk was out. A LOT of people were suprised, including me, at how good this game was. People were calling it SSX with ATVs, or Freekstyle with ATVs. They were right.

First, you get into the game and do the tutorial race that you do in the demo. All is good, finish that, you move on to the menu. First thing you get to do is choose your character. There is a good amount of characters, female and male to choose from. So, do that, then you can customize your ATV. Now, this is a cool thing in Pure. The bike customization is not meant to be deep, and it isn't. Thats not to say it is shallow, because it isn't that either. The customization lets you choose the engine, shocks, brakes, body, and way more. There are a limited amount of customizations to start with obviously, but you unlock a lot just playing the first few stages. The customization is very easy to work with, and you can name and save your ATVs, unlocking more slots as you beat more races.

The first race I got into was also the one on the demo. Only thing that was different was I got to race my ATV and character this time. The game has improved a little graphically from the demo. You have the option to install, so the load times can be minimized, but even without installing, the game loads fine by itself. The first race was very good, but take into consideration that I knew the track and it was very easy to complete this race. The sountrack was also changed, which I was thankful of. I was tired of hearing "Woman" playing over and over in the demo.

The tricks in Pure are unique. They have got some of the classics such as Bar Hop, Cordova, and Coffin, but the tricks go more in depth. The tricking system is setup in such a way that you have to do tricks and get boost to get tricks. You start out with your easy ones (X), and you move on to the intermediate ones (O), then your expert ones (/\), and finally your special tricks (L1+R1). You can tweak your other tricks with L1+R1 while in the air, and this gives you way more boost than you would normally get. There is no combo system really, except for doing more tricks in one jump gets more boost. Obviously the tricks differ in length from easy to special. The tricks are pretty cool, even at the easy stage. My character had the "Air Guitarist" special move, and it was done quite well, especially with the guitar in the background and such.

The tracks on Pure are what they would be on every racing game such as laps and all that. They have the number of basic tracks (from what I can see so far, I have only finished 4 races), then your shortened and reversed stages of those tracks. There are 40 or 50 races in all to play before you beat Pure. I'm sure the tracks won't feel old however, as I haven't played the same one once yet. The modes are sprint, race, and so on: the normal things. Only thing to complain about is the boundaries so far, as they restrict you a bit too much sometimes.

The controls are fine. They work together with the controller great, and nothing is hard to use. The flicking for pre-loading might require a bit of getting used to, but you will get it down pat very soon.

Overall, Pure deserves a 9/10 for me. This is one of the best racing games I have played by far, and could shape up to be my favorite, who knows. It will have a lot of replay ability for me, especially in a few months when there might be a game I am waiting for or something. I've yet to try the online, but that will also yield great results I am hoping.