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Pureology Antifade Shampoo And Conditioner

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By glent on
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My natural hair color has become something different. I admit it. I once claimed it was "natural brown" and then joked that I had misread it. The box said "NEUTRAL Brown", not "natural". The problem is that I won't just go "distinguished grey". I get patches of white in the middle of a dull brown I never saw in the mirror until I was about 45 years old.

Grocery store colors made me look like the guy at the end of a cheap bar. Styling salons gave me a convincing head of hair that quickly turned reddish orange at the ends ( thanks, all you Irish ancestors ). With a good stylist in my phone book, I could delay that change to three weeks, but it just never stayed "natural."

One day my stylist was so excited when I came in, I thought there was a new love interest in the works. "Wait until you try this stuff, " I was told. Great, I was being sold another expensive set of bottles to keep in the bathroom. Turns out that was not the case. Pureology shampoo and conditioner has become the only product I use. By using what I should ( instead of a handful of each ) I rarely think about my hair until it's long enough to get in my eyes.

The back of the bottles say "longer lasting hair colour GUARANTEED." It is also printed in English and French, so I figured it was another product from our genius neighbors to the North. No, it is from a local firm in the heart of Orange County, California. It also says "100% vegan", which I mistakenly thought meant you could eat it without guilt. Again, a bit more reading and I learned it is, by design, easy on your hair and body as well as being kind to the water and earth.

Just a small puddle the size of a dime shampoos my fairly long hair. Not only is it clean, it feels stronger and better. It smells great, too. Another dime of conditioner and fingers or a brush pass through it easily right after drying. There is a fairly strong smell and tingle from the mint that is in the conditioner.

At this rate the two bottles last for months and I save a lot of cash. Now I buy the large refill sizes and, well, refill the smaller bottles. I'm through looking for hair products. I get a cut and color every five or six weeks. I leave the rest of the money in my bank account and credit "good genes" to looking younger than my age. I just love that.