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Put On Sophistication With Coco Mademoiselle Perfume

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By Amanda Rinaldi on
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Coco Chanel 1.7 fl oz

I received my first bottle of Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel for my 16th birthday. The rectangular case was simple but elegant, and when I sprayed the first magical dose on myself, it smelt amazing. Like the bottle, the fragrance is simple and sophisticated, with a dose of quiet seduction.

I like to wear Coco during the day while I am doing errands, going to class, or going to work. It is simply the perfect scent to have for daytime. Since the bottom of the bottle is glass, I usually do not carry it around with me in my purse, especially if I have books or other heavy articles inside. Although it is not recommended for travel, the fragrance can really last all day; so continual sprays are not necessary. Just two sprays on the neck are all you need for the entire day!

Coco Mademoiselle is very long-lasting and I always get compliments about its scent. I am a big fan of non-floral spice perfume and Coco perfectly fits my preferences. The running price for Coco ranges from $60-$90 dollars for 3.4 oz; however, online sites like Amazon and Ebay sell this same perfume at a lower price. I would recommend getting it from one of those sites to save on money. However, if you are at a mall and happen upon a perfume shop, and you have that extra cash, do not hesitate to buy this! It is totally worth every penny. I was able to use that bottle for a good 2 years before running out.

My second bottle had a bit of a different shape. It was a bit shorter in length but longer in width with a glass topper. After one year of daily use, I am only half-way through this bottle. I absolutely love it and always look forward to putting a bit of sophistication on!