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Pylam Paint Roller Economical, Good

Reviewing: Pylam Fine Surface 1/4" Nap Paint Roller  |  Rating:
Joan Young By Joan Young on
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The Pylam Paint Roller, with 1/4 inch nap, worked very well for enamel paint and cleaned up easily.

I recently had a temporary job painting an apartment. The walls were all painted with enamel paints of various gloss. The paint rollers which were available had 3/8 inch nap, and they did not work well with enamels. When we switched to the lower nap roller, the paint applied much better.

I don’t know if all paint rollers are pretty much the same these days. I haven’t used a roller for a long time. But I can say that I was very happy with this one. First of all, since I last used a roller, they have started making the cores of plastic rather than cardboard. (OK... if this has been real for decades, I already know I’m old). The plastic core meant that I could wash the roller out every day and not have to worry about it disintegrating. I liked that! It also meant that if we wanted to just wrap the roller in plastic and leave it overnight that the roller wasn’t damaged by being saturated.

And who would believe that the length of the nap makes so much difference with the kind of paint? With the primer, the longer nap rollers were just fine. With the enamel paints, the longer nap tended to clump and not roll on the walls smoothly. These, with 1/4 inch nap, were very nice with the enamel.

They are sold at Ace Hardware for about $2 each. This seems like great economy to me. If you can’t bear to clean up a roller after a home paint project it wouldn’t break the bank to just toss it out.