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Pyle License Plate Mount With Rear View Camera

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Mister Tickle By Mister Tickle on
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This is a very simple product actually. It is simply a camera that helps drivers of big cars see what is behind the car. This is usually used for parking to see how much space is left and if anything is in the way. However, I have to say that this rear view camera is a bit more advanced than the average. This camera has a few light bulbs beside it so, unlike other cameras, this rear view camera works at night as well. It captures a wide angle view and is placed with your license plate.

I find that installing this product is relatively easy. I simply unscrew the top two screws holding the license plate of the car and put the camera on top of the license plate. Then I line up the holes, and put the screws back in. After a little bit of configuration and a few adjustments, the camera is ready to use. I find the instructions quite simple. It is very easy to understand. It is a small piece of paper with only a few steps. It also comes with diagrams so you know what to do if you, like me, hate reading the instructions word after word.

The rear view camera is very effective. It helps the most when parking as now I know where the curb is. It shows you where the curb is or where someone else’s car is so you can avoid hitting it. It uses a wide lens so I can see more on the small display. I heard many complaints about rear view cameras when it comes to using it at night. Many people complain that these rear view cameras are useless at night. Since it is very dark, no one can see anything behind them on the display. Luckily, Pyle solved this problem. This camera is surrounded with lights. When it is time to use the rear view camera at night, I simply turn on the lights. The super bright light bulbs cover a lot of area so it solves the night use problem.

I do have one complaint about the camera. I can’t seem to understand the distance with this camera. I see a curb on the display, but I don’t know how far away I am from it. Since it uses a wide angle, the images get stretched. This is a bit of a problem as it doesn’t really tell me if I can park a bit further in. It shows what is coming up, but very hard to determine distance so that is my complaint.